Installation of Multiple Particulate Monitors at a
Single Coal-Fired Power Plant

To assist with regulatory compliance efforts at a 2,700 MW coal-fired power plant in Pennsylvania, Mechanical Systems, Inc. installed BetaGuard Particulate Monitors on 6 flues, each in accordance with and certified to the EPA’s Performance Specification 11 (PS-11).

For each of the six flues, our team identified the best representative sampling locations for monitoring pollutant emissions and combustion equipment efficiency. After installation, we integrated each BetaGuard Particulate Monitor into the customer’s existing data acquisition and handling system to facilitate alerting and reporting, and conducted the complex PS-11 correlation testing on two flues of each unit simultaneously to speed the certification processes and minimize plant off-spec operation. In addition, we developed a quality assurance program outlining calibration intervals and preventive maintenance recommendations to ensure reliable ongoing performance.

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Installation Highlights of the Process Monitoring System

Capabilities Applied/Processes Multiple Inlet/Outlet Monitoring per SCR Unit
Multiple SCR Unit Monitoring In One Shelter
Intended Application Coal-Fired Power Plant
Systems Replaced None
Equipment Used Thermo Scientific Analyzers
M&C Dilution Probes
Special Features Multiple units in one shelter
One central location for easy maintenance/service
Industry For Use Electric Utility
Location Wisconsin
Project name SCR Monitoring

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