Mechanical Systems, Inc.
BetaGuard (PM) Project Testimonials

“We just completed the RRAs on all six monitors and they passed with flying colors.”

Debi Schramm
FirstEnergy Corporation
Emission Testing Coordinator
December 2010

I wanted to say thank you for the excellent training you delivered to our staff this week.
The list of things that you did very well is quite long, here are a few:

      • The site-specific training manual was excellent.
      • The equipment that you brought to the site made the class invaluable (working unit and all components to handle).
      • Your knowledge of the equipment and history of the design and installations help everyone understand the system.

Overall, this was the best vendor training we have had for this entire project! That is quite an accomplishment given the size of the project and the amount of training that we have done.

Thank you. Andy”

Andy Francis
Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center
Maintenance Manager
July 2011

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