Installation of a BetaGuard Particulate Monitor at a
Wood-Fired Steam Generating Boiler

Mechanical Systems, Inc., engineered and installed a continuous emissions monitoring system (CEMS) for a wood-fired, steam-generating boiler. For this project, using a continuous opacity monitoring system (COMS) was not possible because of wet stack gas, so the BetaGuard Particulate Monitor provided a better solution for this application.

We installed a system with a pitot tube air flow monitor and dilution CO2 CEM, a BetaGuard Particulate Monitor for reliable, real-time particulate measurement, and a VIM Technologies data acquisition system that supplies emissions analysis and supports regulatory reporting requirements. The entire CEMS was certified according to the EPA Performance Specifications to validate installation and guarantee full regulatory compliance. In addition, we supplied the customer with a quality assurance program to ensure that daily operation stays within guidelines. To facilitate maintenance and avoid an 85 foot climb up the stack, we were able to locate the BetaGuard at ground level in the boiler house.

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BetaGuard Particulate Monitor Installation Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Installation of BetaGuard Particulate Monitoring System

    • Continuous Compliance Monitor
    • PS-11 Certification

Installation of Pitot Tube Flow Monitor

    • Isokinetic Sampling

Installation of a Dilution CO2 CEM
Installation of a Data Acquisition System
Development of Quality Assurance Program
Quarterly Maintenance Program

    • MSI Provides Quarterly Maintenance on These Systems
Intended ApplicationWood-Fired Steam Generation
Systems ReplacedCOMS could not be used in the wet stack gas after a wet ESP
Equipment Used
BetaGuard Particulate Monitor
Air Monitor Flow Monitor
Dilution CEMS for CO2
Special FeaturesProvided the full CEMS for particulate monitoring
BetaGuard PM was placed at ground level avoiding a 85 feet climb up the stack to service the monitor
Industry For UseWood-Fired Boiler
Project nameBetaGuard PM Installation on a Wood-Fired Boiler

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