Full Service Project Installation of
BetaGuard Particulate Monitors for a Utility Plant

For this project, the team at Mechanical Systems, Inc., provided a full service systems integration of two BetaGuard Particulate Monitors at a coal-fired power plant in Indiana.

In addition to particulate characterization testing and installation of two BetaGuard Particulate Monitors, the scope of the project incorporated developing a certification test plan and performing all correlation studies to ensure full compliance with the EPA’s Performance Specification-11 (PS-11) for the installation of particulate matter monitoring systems. We also integrated the BetaGuard monitors into the customer’s data acquisition and handling system, developed a quality assurance program to ensure that ongoing performance would meet regulatory requirements, and supplied them with tools they needed to manage and adjust the system to keep daily operations reliable, safe, and efficient. Furthermore, we contracted with them to supply preventive maintenance services to guarantee operational continuity and avoid downtime.

To learn more about this project or how systems integration of BetaGuard Particulate Monitors can improve your operations, contact Mechanical Systems Inc. today. Our monitoring systems and services help you meet new and changing federal, state, local monitoring regulations and help the environment.

Full Service Project Installation Highlights of two BetaGuard Particulate Monitors

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Particulate Characterization Testing
Development of Quality Assurance Program
Development of Certification Test Plan
Installation of Two BetaGuard Particulate Monitors
DAHS Integration
PS-11 Correlation Testing

    • PS-11 Certification

Operating and Maintenance Manuals

      • Includes As Built Drawings

Preventive Maintenance Package
Final Reports Of Certification Results

Intended ApplicationCoal-Fired Power Plant
Equipment UsedBetaGuard Particulate Monitor
Special FeaturesParticulate characterization testing was done at two elevations in the stack. Discovered that the particulate concentration was lower at the higher elevation.
Industry For UseUtility
Project nameFull Service BetaGuard PM Installation

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