BetaGuard PM 3.0™
The Superior Source Particulate Monitor

Engineered for improved performance, the new BetaGuard PM 3.0™ represents the latest advancement in system design. New advanced hardware features and completely redesigned system control software are based on over two million operating hours and over 10 years’ experience continuously monitoring particulate emissions from a variety of plant stacks across the country.

An Allen-Bradley PanelView Plus 700 touch screen display is now used for both local and remote operation. The user-friendly touch screen places all system operations at your fingertip. The operating screens are more efficient than before. The new display stores Excel, Word, and PDF documents. The user manual and all support documents are right where you need them.
An Allen-Bradley ControlLogix PLC replaces the SLC500. The upgraded PLC offers more DAHS and DCS I/O options than before. External access to the PLC and display is now available through your plant Ethernet system using A-B FactoryTalk ViewPoint. Connection to the monitor is via Cat6 or Fiber Optic cable. Communicate with the monitor by Point I/O, TCP/IP Network, or RTU/ASCII Serial. Inside the PLC is a completely redesigned system control program. The software is even more user-friendly than before. Prior pre-set alarm levels are now user definable.

More alarm points are now watched. Daily calibrations of the mass and flow measurement are now faster leading to more data availability. ACA and SVA results are stored in the PLC memory for electronic retrieval. The faster processor in the ControlLogix PLC has increased the accuracy and repeatability of all timing sequences within the monitor’s operating system leading to more stable beta attenuation measurements. The new PLC and system program increases the monitor’s accuracy, reliability, and operability.

Teflon coated nozzles and a Teflon coated sample cone are new features. The Teflon coated nozzle reduces particulate deposition and loss in the sample probe. Field trials demonstrated much less scaling of particulate on the interior walls of the nozzle. The Teflon coated sample cone eliminates buildup of the filter paper on the ring forming the seal to the filter. Both hardware features have reduced maintenance.

The new BetaGuard PM 3.0 provides what you are looking for in a superior source particulate monitor.



Particulate Conc. Range (selectable)
Dual Range Capable (selectable)
0 – 1000 mg/m3
0 – 5 to 0 – 1000
Diluted Sample Flow Range 2.5 – 3.5 m3/hr
Minimum Batch Sampling Time 140 seconds
Minimum Cycle Time 288 seconds
Warm-up Time 120 minutes
Measurement Sources (2) Carbon-14
Measurement Detectors (2) Alpha-Beta-Gamma Detector
Geiger-Mueller (G-M) Tube
Particulate Filter Medium Glass Fiber Mat
Power Requirements Instrument
Instrument (Optional)

Heated Umbilical
Single Feed-120 V AC, 30 A max
Dual Feed-UPS 120 V AC, 10 A and Non-UPS 120V AC, 20A
Non-UPS 120V AC, 30 A max
Instrument Air Requirement
90 psig and -20°F Dewpoint
2 – 3 scfm sampling
6 – 10 scfm pulsed blowback
Dimensions 72″h x 30″w x 14″d
Weight 400 pounds
Environmental Rating NEMA 12
Operating Temperature 50° – 120°F / 10° – 50°C
Storage Temperature 32° – 135°F / 0° – 60°C
Dilution Probe Length
Mounting Flange
Material of Construction
Maximum Flue Gas Temp.
Isokinetic Control Range
2 – 15 feet
35 – 90 pounds
6″ or 8″ ANSI Class 150 – 2-holed
Hastelloy C276 Protection Pipe
10 – 110 ft/s Gas Velocity
Sample Line Length Up to 150 feet
System Controller A-B ControlLogix PLC
Interface – Local and Remote PanelView Plus 700 Touchscreen Display
Interface – External A-B FactoryTalk ViewPoint
I/O Options Point I/O (Cat6 cable or Fiber Optic)
RTU/ASCII Serial Modbus
TCP/IP Network Modbus
Other Networks Available
Minimum Detection Limit 0.5 mg/m3 at PS-11 15 minute cycle time
0.25 mg/m3 at 30 minute cycle time
0.125 mg/m3 at 60 minute cycle time
Accuracy <2% full scale

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