CEMS Project - MATS Hg, HCL, and PM

The electric utility industry Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) rule requires monitoring of mercury (Hg), hydrogen chloride (HCL), and particulate (PM) emissions. Mechanical Systems, Inc. recently completed a large scale MATS monitoring project for a coal-fired EGU in southern Indiana. MSI installed Hg CEMS (Thermo Mercury Freedom), HCl CEMS (Unisearch LAS 7000 TDL), and PM CEMS (MSI BetaGuard PM 3.0) on six stacks. The HCl CEMS were the first systems certified according to the new PS-18 on a coal-fired power plant.

To learn more about how to meet your emission monitoring requirements for Hg, HCL, or PM, contact Mechanical Systems, Inc. today.


Capabilities Applied/Processes
Custom Engineering and Design
Appendix A of MATS Rule
PS-11 Certification
PS-18 Certification
Intended Application Coal-Fired Power Plant
Systems Replaced (if any) None
Equipment Used Mercury Freedom
BetaGuard PM 3.0
LAS Model 7000 TDL
Special Features
Primary and Backup CEMS on each Stack
Certification Oversight and Reports
Training and Installation Assistance
Site Maintenance Assistance
Industry For Use Electric Utility
Location Indiana
Project Name MATS Hg HCl PM Monitoring

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